Wook Jae Chong, South Korea

Tairawhiti Waka

I went on the sailing boat on Friday, 17th of August. It was cold in the morning. We went down to the wharf and we went on the Maori double-hulled canoe. We were divided into a couple of groups and we were listening to the introductions.

After that we went out to the sea. My groups job was to control the hoi. The Hoi is a long paddle and it is there to control the direction of the boat. When we had to move around it was pretty hard to move the hoi because it is really heavy, so our group helped each other to move the hoi around. The hardest job was to go straight. Because the wind was pushing the waka to the side we had to move the hoi to redirect it, it took a lot of concentration to go straight.

My best part of the trip was when I was looking at the beautiful view of the sea. The sea was shining and it made a beautiful view. I took a couple photos of it.

I would recommend this trip to other students because it is really worth going on the sailing boat and looking at the beautiful view out at the sea. We can learn about the waka and the background of the waka. So, it is worth recommending this trip to other students.

Wook Jae Chong, South Korea