Lucas Gragnic - 2017

Lucas Gragnic - France



Hello, I’m Lucas Gragnic, I’m French and I’m 17. I’m a musician and I like to discover a lot of things. I came to GBHS for five weeks. I came to New Zealand to spend my summer holidays to do something different. When my mum asked me where I wanted to travel, without hesitation I said that I wanted to go to New Zealand. Why? Because it’s the place that most far away from my home. It’s obliged to be very different for me and it’s true. Everyone, everything, everywhere is a new experience. Here, in this high school, I could do a lot of things that I can’t do in France. I go to Music, Design Tech or Maori Carving. I love this one.


If after my travels someone thinks about me here, I think I will see my blue jacket because I had the chance not to wear the uniform. It’s my little advantage. How can I finish this writing? I can say that I really like this school, the teachers that I met and the director of international students. My only regret is to stay only in the north of New Zealand but for sure I will come back.