Karmanpreet Singh, India


Tairawhiti Waka

On August 17, 2018 I went to a Maori historical waka(sailing boat) with Miss McCarthy and a group of students. It was really awesome for me as I was with the group of my favourite teacher and best buddies and girls. I had a very great and unforgettable experience that day. It was my first trip into sea water in my whole life.

The waka was very beautiful. We had a warm welcome, a small orientation about waka and we were divided into different watch groups. I was with captain Chris The people of that waka started its motor and got it away from harbour. Then we started sailing. To make this trip knowledge gaining they told us and gave us different jobs to do into three different groups. I did many, many jobs on different occasions. I liked it the most when me and my groupmate girl had to pull up the centreboard as it was very heavy, needing strength to pull it up. That was a cool workout.

The best part for me was the listening to the stories about waka. The other best thing was the very beautiful view of sea, the fresh air breeze and the friendly nature of everyone, especially the girls and the staff on the waka. We met them first shy but they had a good nature and we all sailed the waka together. It was a really unforgettable experience. That was a good sail into Poverty Bay.

Karmanpreet Singh, India