Hayden Wong, Hong Kong

Hayden Wong

The Tairawhiti Waka day

I went on the Waka on Friday. It was not good weather that day. On that day, my work was controlling something use to control the boat direction which in Maori is called the hoi. It was very difficult to control it and it took 3-4 peoples to push or pull it.

The best part of the trip for me was the lunch time. We all worked for a long time in a windy and cold environment,we were all feeling tired and cold. At that moment the leader told us we can have our lunch. I quickly took out my lunch and ate it because I didn’t have my breakfast that morning so I felt a ton of hunger ,so I finished my lunch in a few minutes. Obviously, my lunch was not enough to me. Then I went to Martin and asked him to give me some of his. The sausages sandwich looks very delicious. Unfortunately, Martin dropped his lunch on the floor! We missed all the food...but it was a unforgettable memory for me, it was great!

In the end,we sailed back to the pier and we had a sharing of our impressions. I loved this trip a lot, is because I can learn about the skills of the Waka and it can improve my team working.

Hayden Wong, Hong Kong