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Dominik Roden

Tairawhiti Waka

We want on a sailing trip with a Waka on the 16th August 2018. The trip started at Gisborne marina and then we sailing to the Young Nick’s Head. When we got at the boat we got a little traditional Mihi-welcome. Then we have made some groups with different task that we can do. Now we have a little training how the task is work. Then we sailing out of the harbour to the Young Nick’s Head there we have made a little break for approximately 15 minutes. After the break have make some turns with the waka it is called “attack”. Then we sailing back to the harbour with the waka were Also we have made some groups with other task that we can do. When we arrive in the harbour we have made a  traditional “good bye”. All in all I think it was a very good trip were I have learned some thinks about the waka and sailing. It was a very good experience for me and I would repeat to sailing with the waka when I can and I can recommend this trip for other people.

Dominik Roden, Germany