Denning Leo

Denning’s strengths at school are English and Statistics. He plans to pursue a career in Aviation as a Pilot. A trip from Port Vila to Pentecost - Vanuatu when he was 8 years old sitting in the Co-pilot’s seat was born a dream. Denning comes from a family of 5 kids (2 adopted girls). He is the eldest child. Denning was given the opportunity to study at GBHS when Michele McCarthy visited his school to showcase further education. His school only went up to year 10.

Denning is boarding with Jesse Rambay to a couple whose children have left home. They have a lovely living environment which gives him the freedom to explore and be part of the Gisborne culture. Denning enjoys football and plays for the 2nd XI. He also sings for the GBHS Choir.

“Success isn’t about how much money you make it’s aboutthe difference you make inpeople’s lives” Michelle Obama.

This is Denning’s favourite quote because it’s about helping his family when he’s successful and providing opportunities for them in the future.