Our Curriculum

At Gisborne Boys’ High School we want to make your son a successful learner. We will provide a wide range of learning opportunities so that he can develop skills that are important to him and to his future. We all learn in different ways. We will explore teaching in ways that enable him to develop his personal skills and qualities.

We will give your son condence in his own ability. We will promote and foster self-discipline and self-responsibility. It is part of the growing process. At Gisborne Boys’ High School we will support our students in all facets of their learning and ensure that they have a safe, caring and well-resourced learning environment.

Success involves...


  • Committed and qualified staff who are expert in their fields
  • Experience in leadership
  • High-quality teaching


  • A junior curriculum that fosters literacy and numeracy
  • Schools of Learning for enhanced senior curriculum

A timetable that matches Gisborne Girls’ High School, allowing for...

  • A wider range of curriculum options in the Senior School
  • A taste of the coeducational environment while retaining the unique benefits of single sex education

Constant academic and personal support and assistance for individuals through...

  • Vertical Form Teachers and Senior Students
  • Year Level Deans
  • Student Advisor
  • Reading Support Teacher
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • RTLB Support Teachers
  • School Prefects
  • Doctors in Schools Programme
  • Integrated Student Learning Centre
  • Constant and consistent encouragement
  • 3 As programme
  • Student mentoring programme
  • Academic Monitoring
  • Homework Centre
  • Career Guidance

Positive interaction with all of our community through...

  • Regular reporting to parents, caregivers and whanau
  • Year level parent forums
  • Regular newsletters
  • Contact with parents in local settings
  • Constant access for all parents, caregivers and whanau

Celebrating success through...

  • Assemblies
  • Principal’s Awards
  • Deans’ term letters
  • Regular student reports
  • Graduation prizegiving