The Music rooms have been humming intervals, lunch times and even before and after school with boys practicing songs. New I-Mac computers equipped with the latest software for composition, brand new Music instruments and few other goodies as well. One of the goals for the Music Department was to see the boys play in and around school. We hold mini concerts during lunchtime outside the library where we have a band for each year level perform an item.

Performance Music

There are a number of Performance Music groups and opportunities at GBHS. Some run as extra-curricular activities while others students to use as part of NCEA Performance Music assessments.

Smokefreerockquest / Pacifica Beats

Each year students from GBHS enter the Smokefreerockquest and Pacifica Beats contemporary music and song writing competitions.

Jazz Band

GBHS has started a school jazz band made up of staff and students, which meets regularly to practise and prepare for performances.

Instrumental Teaching Programme

Instrumental tutors come into GBHS to teach the following instruments; Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Violin. Should a student want to play a certain instrument we will explore the possibility that instrument being offered as part of the Instrumental Teaching Programme.


From humble beginnings where 10 students signed up (or were forced to!) we now have grown to be close to 80 members strong. The members are drawn from all of the year groups at school and some students have contributed to the choir in every year they have attended school.

Composition Music

Students have the ability to compose and produce their own music on the computers found in the music room.