Teachers With Curriculum Responsibilities

Hamish ARTHUR  (Leave 2019) [email protected]

Steve CONNELL Asst. HOD English [email protected]

Andrew DONALDSON HOD Outdoor Education/Forces Prep/ Phys Ed  [email protected]

Darcy FAWCETT Lead Teacher COL  HOD Science   [email protected]

James FOWELL (Leave 2019) [email protected]

John GRIFFITHS School Counsellor/Mathematics [email protected]

Cindy GILBERT Asst HOD Social Science/Business Studies/History  [email protected]

Greg HARMAN Asst HOD Technology/Metal Tech [email protected]

Adam HARFORD HOD Mathematics [email protected]

Maria JEFFERSON Year 13 Dean  HOD Careers/History/Teacher Trainees [email protected]

Paul JEFFERSON  Year 12 Dean   Physical Education   [email protected]

Mark JEFFERSON Year 11 Dean   Physical Education   [email protected]

Wiremu KAA Year 9 Dean Te Reo/Tikanga [email protected]

David LINDUP HOD Performing Arts/Academic Dean [email protected]

Matthew MACKLE Year 10 Dean   Physical Education   [email protected]

Michele McCARTHY Director of International Students/HOD ESOL / English   [email protected]

Liz MINOGUE HOD English [email protected]

Simon MURPHY HOD Physical Ed & Health   [email protected]

Graeme NEWLANDS Asst HOD Science, Physical Education [email protected]

Josef REITER   Catering/Food Tech   [email protected]

Richard SUTTOR Science/HOD Biology [email protected]

Jamie SWIFT Asst. HOD Physical Education [email protected]

Ada TE AMO Asst HOD Social Science/Home Room [email protected]

Sam TANNER HOD Technology/DVC  [email protected]

Ryan TAPSELL HOD Te Reo [email protected]

Ma’anaima ULU  Dean of Pasifika Students /English [email protected]

James VAN DEN BROEK (Leave 2019) [email protected]

Peter VAREY  HOD Humanities Economics/Soc Std/Business Std/Geography  [email protected]

James WARREN Asst HOD Mathematics [email protected]

Dave WATSON HOD Art/Publications [email protected]

Willie YUILE Asst HOD English / Media Studies   [email protected]

Assistant Teachers

Whitiaua BLACK Te Reo   [email protected]

Tony CARPENDALE  Metal Tech   [email protected] 

Robbie CLELAND Design Tech/DVC/Wood Tech  [email protected]

Haley COCHRANE English, Screen & Media Studies [email protected]

Nick CHAPMAN Social Science/Business Studies/Geography [email protected]

Rosie CAIRNS Reading Support /Classics/Specialist Classroom Teacher    [email protected]

Peter DERBY   Science [email protected]

Andre du PLOOY English [email protected]

Madeleine GRAY   Science  [email protected]

Kahu FALAOA Whakairo/Te Reo [email protected]

Eric HANNAH Mathematics [email protected]

Duane HIHI Mathematics [email protected]

Julia KENDALL  Mathematics  [email protected]

Wi MATAHIKI  (Leave 2019) [email protected]

Kui MORRELL Te Reo [email protected]

Mike MORRISSEY Woodwork/Construction/Computing/Design Tech  [email protected]

Neri MANUEL  Social Science/History [email protected]

Tim NOYCE  Mathematics   [email protected]

Kelly PELHAM   Science   [email protected]

Angela PREDDEY  English [email protected]

Esther RICHARDSON TIC Agriculture/Horticulture / Science   [email protected]

Brett SUMMERLEE  Art/Social Science  [email protected]

Dean THOMAS  DVC   [email protected]

Anthony WAIGTH  Music  [email protected]

Tim WILLIS  Social Studies/Mathematics/Wood Tech   [email protected]

Ancillary Staff

Tracey TROON Principal's and BOT Secretary

Petrina WAITE Office/Staff Typist

Sara EVANS Student Officer

Debbie KERNOHAN Finance Manager

Maree ROWE Finance Office Assistant

Sally BISHOP Career Pathways Administrator

Chick BRIDGE Gateway Co-ordinator

Louisa CHAPMAN Career Pathway Administrator

Barbara WALSH Library Manager

Jason SCOTT Computer Network Manager

Tina DUNN (Leave 2019) Science Technician

Wendy DEWSTOW Science Technician

Julie HANSEN  International Homestay Manager

Jeena REITER Uniform Shop

Peter SIMMONS Sports Coordinator/Teacher Aid

Barry NGATA Teacher Aid

Sam PARKIN  Maintenance

Mark BROWN Caretaker

Martin RYAN Groundsman

Harry LOCKWOOD Groundsman