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The transition for a young man from Year 8 to Year 9 is a challenging one for both the young man and his family/ whanau. The first of these challenges is choosing the right school for his first year as a secondary school student and the years that follow.

Our 2018 Gisborne Boys’ High School Prospectus will enable you to make an informed decision. We welcome any follow-up enquiries, requests for personal interviews, and/or individual school tours. Our School’s Mission Statement places our overarching challenge in front of all of us.

“Challenging young men to develop and achieve their potential”.

We focus on this by developing and implementing programmes based on their academic, cultural, sporting potential along with their development as young men. Our 2016 ERO Report af rms this focus.

“The school’s curriculum is highly effective at promoting and supporting students’ learning, wellbeing and their personal and social development as young men.”

The foundation stones of our Teaching and Learning programmes for young men are our School Values.RESPECT for oneself and every individual. HONESTY at all times. PERSEVERANCE in the challenges that we step forward to accept together. LOYALTY to our School, Whanau, and Community. COURAGE to continue in our quest for excellence.

While traditional, these values will always have a place in the future world of any young man. Our School motto: Virtus Repulsae Nescia; Courage Knows No Defeat; Toa Hinga Kore, Toa Mate Kore; and our School Values are our guiding light. We challenge every young man to “live” our School Motto and our Values.

There are four separate challenges we focus on.
First and foremost; His unique personal development and well-being. He is respected for his own uniqueness, his cultural, physical, academic and social characteristics. His health and safety are always at the forefront of School Culture.

Throughout each Year 9-11 Level, programmes such as the Year 12/13 Senior Student Leadership programmes, Student Support system (Senior Leadership Team member, Year Level Deans, Academic Deans, Guidance Counsellor, RTLB); Peer Mentors, Tu Tane, Te Kotahitanga and Tu wh?nau ensure that each young man’s personal development, wellbeing and engagement grow his own sense of self- worth, and his individual responsibility for his choices and actions.

Secondly; Academic Achievement; All academic programmes are focussed on an individual’s needs and strengths. The balance between a young man’s wants and needs, is supported by a wide ranging School Curriculum, and

School Facilities which are suited to present day and future Teaching and Learning requirements. Professional Teaching Staff understand young men and their needs and wants. A School Community which understands this absolute academic priority.

NCEA data con rms that young men at Gisborne Boys’ High School achieve at, or above, the achievement level of young men in other New Zealand Secondary Schools. We are totally focussed on the challenge to be even better than this. “Leaders, trustees, and teachers use student information very well to inform programmes and strategies that have lead to improved student engagement, progress and achievement” ERO-2016

Thirdly; Each young man’s physical development. The journey from young teenage man to young adult man is also about growing physically. For us, committing to the challenge of both individual and team/group discipline in any type of co- curricular sport or activity must be promoted and encouraged. All of our young men have the opportunity to compete against other individuals or teams in a wide range of physical activities.

Our dedicated staff and community willingly support all of these activities through their involvement as coaches, managers, tutors and supporters.This is a point of difference between Gisborne Boys’ High School and other schools. In competing against other Schools in Tairawhiti and outside of our region, we believe that it is not about being winners. It is about our courage to step forward and test our skills against the best from other young men.

Lastly; The Cultural skills and qualities which each of the young men possesses. We know that given the opportunity and encouragement, the cultural talents and skills of young men at Gisborne Boys’ High School are simply amazing. Community af rmation of this has given all of us at the School another focus for development and support.

While this Prospectus can give you a snapshot of Curriculum programmes, co-curricular, cultural and physical resources at Gisborne Boys’ High School, it cannot give you an indication of our School’s culture.

“Consistent expectations and practices support students to take on challenges, learn from each other and transfer learning. Positive, respectful and caring relationships are highly evident across and between age groups in the school. Students’ identity, language and cultures are supported. They demonstrate a strong sense of belonging and pride in the school.” ERO-2016

Gisborne Boys’ High School is a Secondary School where young men become young adults. They are future leaders.

G.H. Mackle Principal