Welcome to Gisborne Boys' High School

Nga mihi nui kia koutou. Warm greetings and welcome to Gisborne Boys’ High School. Gisborne Boys’ High School has been focused on educating boys’ for over 60 years. We are a learning community totally dedicated to boys’ education. As members of the Association of Boys’ Schools in New Zealand, and part of the Super 8 schools of New Zealand, we have aligned ourselves with a community of educators dedicated to the education and development of boys through academic, sporting and cultural excellence. This is the foundation of our school vision-

‘Education for boys, Education about boys’.

We know boys education and understand that the transition for a boy into manhood is both an exciting and challenging one. As a school we are strong advocates for growing good men and are committed to helping young men make this transition. Our mission is:

‘Challenging young men to develop and achieve their potential’

Our 2016 ERO Report affirms this focus.

“The school’s curriculum is highly effective at promoting and supporting students’ learning, wellbeing and their personal and social development as young men.”

At Gisborne Boys’ High School, values count. They are the framework for our teaching and learning programmes. Our school values are:

  • RESPECT, for oneself and every individual
  • HONESTY, at all times
  • PERSEVERANCE, in the challenges that we step forward to accept together
  • LOYALTY, to our School, Whanau, and Community
  • COURAGE, to continue in our quest for excellence

We challenge staff and students to “live” the school values and school motto: Our School motto:

Virtus Repulsae Nescia; Courage Knows No Defeat; Toa Hinga Kore, Toa Mate Kore

This strong value base provides the culture of our school. “Consistent expectations and practices support students to take on challenges, learn from each other and transfer learning. Positive, respectful and caring relationships are highly evident across and between age groups in the school. Students’ identity, language and cultures are supported. They demonstrate a strong sense of belonging and pride in the school.” ERO-2016

Our Commitment to your son’s education and journey into manhood.

A.G. Turner

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